A walk in the woods is all you need. — Sunday With Soph

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Today I finally went out for an extremely long walk with my Fiancé and goodness do my legs ache. Instead of me writing a post about my day, I decided to write it in a form of a poem. I have also included a few photos […]

A walk in the woods is all you need. — Sunday With Soph

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot….. — Sunday With Soph

Now like most Brits in the UK, we always moan when it’s cold and we need sun and heat. Then when the summer comes and it’s 31 degrees we moan and say it’s way to hot, and we can’t wait for the cooler months. Yes this is me, moaning because I am sitting in my […]

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot….. — Sunday With Soph

Becoming An Author

Sunday With Soph

It’s Sunday again, the weeks are flying by and the weather is changing back to the gloomy, rainy days. Who would of thought, that we are in June?

Today’s post is about a passion of mine, writing. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. In fact, it all started when I submitted a poem of mine into a poetry competition. I will never forget the day when I received a phone call to say that I had won! The look on my parents face was priceless and I will always cherish that day in my heart, especially as the poem was an apology for being naughty towards my mum.

I then went onto having another poem of mine published in a book, I just love the feeling of seeing my work on crisp pages, in hoping that I could share my words with others to relish…

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My Stay In Hospital.

Sorry guys that I haven’t been on my blog. You could say I have had a crazy month.

Firstly my daughter was rushed into hospital with a acute appendicitis. It was hard watching her be in so much pain, but even worse seeing her petrified about the whole process. Thankfully we managed to get her through and she has now made a full recovery.

I myself then had to go into the same hospital. In my previous blogs I told you that I needed an investigation into a post menopausal bleed.

I was the first down to theatre, which was a good thing for me with my anxiety. Having a general anaesthetic with a bad heart is a cause for concern, but the lady anaesthetist assured me she had everything under control. My procedure was having a Hysteroscopy. This is where they insert a small telescope, passed through the vagina and cervix to see inside the uterus. I was also having a biopsy taken of the womb at the same time. If they find any polyps they remove them.

I was back in the recovery ward after half an hour. ( so they tell me.) I really nice nurse looked after me, but I was down there for early five hours, as my body temperature dropped, and they had to keep me warm. I cannot fault the NHS up to this stage, the care was excellent. It was a whole different ball game though after that. I really needed to have a heart monitor still attached, but they didn’t have any high dependancy beds, so they took me to what should have been a gyne ward, but turned out to me full of ailing geriatrics as there wasn’t any beds for them anywhere else.

The nurses themselves where appalling. Uncaring and in my opinion shouldn’t be doing the job. Half of them couldn’t speak English, (communication was very difficult) and they told me they couldn’t even read a heart monitor, and that I would have to look after myself. My observations were supposed to have been half hourly, but they left me four hours before anyone came. I was told not to get out the bed, and to press the buzzer. When I needed to pop to the loo, I asked but no one came so I took myself. That evening the same nurse said ” Oh, you want the toilet?” I replied to late I took myself. Three times I asked for pain relieve, but they failed on that, so I took my own, and when finally they did come round, they forgot to give me some vital medication, until I questioned why. On several occasions I asked if the doctor was going to come and see me to explain the outcome, to be told a big NO!! Lucky for me, he did come, and he was excellent. And the good news he said, that everything looked okay, all I had to do was wait for the biopsy results.

Basically to sum up, I never want to go through that again, and our NHS does need to be looked at. If I hadn’t clued up (ex nurse) I hate to think what could have happened.

Living with Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome.

You might ask what the hell is that. Well, its a heart condition where the electrical current doesn’t work properly. Apparently, if you have this condition, you would have been born with it, but it usually doesn’t manifest until you are older. I guess deep down I always knew something was wrong because when I was a child and at school and we would do sports,e.g. running I would feel breathless, but nothing was ever done about it. I was a keen horse woman, and would spend all my days in the stables at my home, it never seemed to bother me doing the chores there. The only one experience I did have was when I was competing at a cross-country event, when I finished I was breathless, but my mother put it down to a hard course.

Even when I was pregnant, the condition wasn’t picked up. It amazes me how the doctors couldn’t see it on the ECG as it clearly shows a short PR interval associated with WPW. Thank goodness for Kings Hospital London, who gave me my diagnosis. They say I will need an ablation to correct it, which is easily done. So maybe in a few years I will grand get this corrected. I believe they go through the groin and find the electoral circuit that is causing the problem, then laser it.

Living with WPW hasn’t really changed my life, in fact I feel better knowing, at least I know whats wrong and if my heart beats more than 150 beats a minute and doesn’t correct itself I know to get myself to the hospital. I am lucky that I don’t take medication, I know a lot of people have too.

If there is anyone reading this that has WPW I would love to talk to you.

Menopause And Fashion

I hate reading articles that say once a woman gets to a certain age she has to change her dress attire. What a complete load of nonsense. I still love putting on my super skinny jeans, with a little delicate lace top, or a snug fitting Tee. Yes I probably wouldn’t wear a mini dress that shows of my backside, but I do still wear a dress above the knee on a hot summers day. I must admit, that I have never been a girl for shorts, but my sister who is going to be sixty next year loves her denim shorts and wouldn’t part with them for the world. My wardrobe has a mix style in it, from all price points, some expensive and some from the lower range too. If I like an item I will purchase it, that’s my motto. I also like to be sustainable where I can. I hate having loads of clothes. I like to have a few key pieces that I can mix and match, and if I haven’t worn an item in a year I will pass it onto somebody else. There is always someone out there grateful, whether a family member, friend or charity shop. My favourite colour has to be blue and grey, but a few pinks and mustard pop in too. So ladies when you go out shopping to purchase new clothes, don’t be put off thinking they are only for the younger generation, try them on, you might just surprise yourself.