Living with Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome.

You might ask what the hell is that. Well, its a heart condition where the electrical current doesn’t work properly. Apparently, if you have this condition, you would have been born with it, but it usually doesn’t manifest until you are older. I guess deep down I always knew something was wrong because when I was a child and at school and we would do sports,e.g. running I would feel breathless, but nothing was ever done about it. I was a keen horse woman, and would spend all my days in the stables at my home, it never seemed to bother me doing the chores there. The only one experience I did have was when I was competing at a cross-country event, when I finished I was breathless, but my mother put it down to a hard course.

Even when I was pregnant, the condition wasn’t picked up. It amazes me how the doctors couldn’t see it on the ECG as it clearly shows a short PR interval associated with WPW. Thank goodness for Kings Hospital London, who gave me my diagnosis. They say I will need an ablation to correct it, which is easily done. So maybe in a few years I will grand get this corrected. I believe they go through the groin and find the electoral circuit that is causing the problem, then laser it.

Living with WPW hasn’t really changed my life, in fact I feel better knowing, at least I know whats wrong and if my heart beats more than 150 beats a minute and doesn’t correct itself I know to get myself to the hospital. I am lucky that I don’t take medication, I know a lot of people have too.

If there is anyone reading this that has WPW I would love to talk to you.


Menopause And Fashion

I hate reading articles that say once a woman gets to a certain age she has to change her dress attire. What a complete load of nonsense. I still love putting on my super skinny jeans, with a little delicate lace top, or a snug fitting Tee. Yes I probably wouldn’t wear a mini dress that shows of my backside, but I do still wear a dress above the knee on a hot summers day. I must admit, that I have never been a girl for shorts, but my sister who is going to be sixty next year loves her denim shorts and wouldn’t part with them for the world. My wardrobe has a mix style in it, from all price points, some expensive and some from the lower range too. If I like an item I will purchase it, that’s my motto. I also like to be sustainable where I can. I hate having loads of clothes. I like to have a few key pieces that I can mix and match, and if I haven’t worn an item in a year I will pass it onto somebody else. There is always someone out there grateful, whether a family member, friend or charity shop. My favourite colour has to be blue and grey, but a few pinks and mustard pop in too. So ladies when you go out shopping to purchase new clothes, don’t be put off thinking they are only for the younger generation, try them on, you might just surprise yourself.

Menopause And Smears.

Yes, ladies you heard me, you still need to go and have your smears. In the UK, once you reached 50, they say you need the test done every five years, but I do believe I read an article the other day saying they were thinking changing it to seven years, which I believe would be a big mistake. I do know that in a lot of other countries its still performed every year. I have been known before in my younger days to have paid privately as I thought three years was along time to wait.( the current time for ladies between 25-50).

Now the test itself, does it hurt when you are older? Well, for me it was more painful, I was told its because we are of that age. I did have to laugh. My sister who is 59, had hers done the other day and she also said it was uncomfortable, but in the long run its better to be safe. Apparently she was told you can get a cream to use before which softens the cervix, I didn’t know about that so maybe next time I will give it a go.

The actual procedure in itself was okay. These days with a multicultural society, they treated my dignity 100%. I think its the part of getting your panties off and legs spread to a stranger which puts off a lot of women from going. I was covered up the whole time, given a small room to change, and a large throw away sheet that wrapped around my bottom half, so I wasn’t exposed at any point. I have to admit though, I did feel more vulnerable, than when I had this done in my forties. I cannot answer why, I just put it down to my age.

So ladies, if you are due a smear, don’t think to yourself I will arrange it next week, pick up that phone, and call your surgery. As they say ‘Never Fear To Have Your Smear’.

Menopause And Underwear.

Yes, ladies you heard me. Do you really change the style of your panties, after the menopause? Well, in my case, and my sister, yes we did. I went from a low shortie, to a mid rise. Now i’m not saying a Bridget Jones here, but definitely higher up around my middle. The problem I had was that my whole body shape changed. From having a nice pear shape, which showed my waist off, to more of an apple shape. I have to admit it was a shock at first, but then after talking to so many women, I knew it was normal, that’s why its called ‘The Change Of Life.’

Last year, I put myself on a eating plan, now i’m not really talking diet, because I wasn’t over weight for my height, although my tummy told me something different. I went from a nice 26-27 inch waist to a more alarming 31 inch. The first thing I done was to cut out the white stuff, known as sugar. I stopped having one teaspoon in my tea, and on my porridge. I replaced it with fruit on my cereal where the sugar was natural. I also cut down on the home baking, and snacking, but I didn’t deprive myself, I think that is where people go wrong when changing their diet, they try and stick to the rules then of course break them. I gave myself goals e.g. I would have my first morning cuppa, which the hubby always brings up to bed at around Then, when I was showered and dressed, I would make myself a hot lemon drink, and allow it to cool before drinking. The lemon had healing properties, and not having a gallbladder can aid in breaking down fat, so I was told. By mid morning, I would have another cup of tea, decaf only with semi-skim milk, and a snack. This snack would be anything I fancied, but I aimed to have it under two hundred calories. Lunch in general would be a gluten free homemade sandwich, I like cheese, and then a evening meal of either salad and protein or veg. I try not to consume more than 1500 calories in a day. I did bring a few inches off my waist, which I am happy at.

My underwear fits like a dream, no more chaffing or going up the bum cheeks, I also changed my bra’s Yes my boobs did grow,’ A LOT’ I never had boobs and now I laugh with my husband. From a small 32 AA to a 34C, but I like it, it makes me womanly, I just wished I had them when I was younger haha. Recently I bought some bra-lets and I love them, yes they probably don’t give you as much support, but they are comfortable, and don’t make your boobs stick out which can be un flattering in some clothes.

My conclusion ladies, is to get out your under garments try them on and have a look at the fit, you might just realise you need something different.

Our Sunday Trip Out.

The Kings Arms Pub Garden, Elham Kent UK.
Hubby And Daughter.
Having A Glass Of Rose’ In The Sun.
Couldn’t Resist Desert.
Pretty Pub Garden Flowers.
Now A History Lesson On Audrey Hepburn.
Orchard Villa Where Audrey Moved to With Her Mother, Baroness Ella Van Heemstra.
Audrey’s father left in 1935, and her mother brought her to England.
Her Real Name Was Audrey Ruston, before Hepburn.
I Hope You Enjoyed The History Lessons As Much As Us. I Used To Live At Elham As A Child, And It Brings Back Wonderful Memories. The Whole Village Is Quintessential. I couldn’t had asked for a more relaxing Sunday.

The Empty Nest Syndrome.

My dentist was tell me, both her kids were away travelling, and she had the house all to herself. I got the impression that she didn’t like this feeling. I seemed to pull a face, what was there not to like. I remember it all to well. Yes, its strange at first, but gradually after time you accept that we are actually only lent out kids and then they fly the coup as they say.

My daughter has now left home for over four years. She managed to invest some money she had saved at the grand old age of twenty-two and purchased a sea view apartment, a five minute walk from our home. After a six month renovation, she gave myself and her father a date she intended to move out. I think that first night, she was gone was the worst, after all she was our only child. But as the weeks went by, things got easier. I must admit there were a few times, when she was lonely she would phone me, and say do you fancy coming over for a girly sleep over? These are memories I can keep. I was now in her home, playing her rules, not actually that there were any rules we had some fun times.

After she had left for nearly a year, I cleaned out her old bedroom. It was a big room, and needed to be decorated, to my style. It was nice that I didn’t rush doing it, I could spend as much or little time as I wanted. When it was finished my husband and I moved into it, so we could then re- do our room.

I started to enjoy my own company when my hubby worked(he done shifts at that time). I took to my book writing more, and crafting. I actually had time to do the things I wanted to do.

A couple of nights a week my daughter would come and have some meals with us, if her partner was working late. It was nice we had things to talk about around the dining room table. She not only was my daughter she now became my friend. A cliche you might say, but it was true.

Once she came and stayed a few years back, there I was again, picking things up, etc. I have to admit it was stressful. I was telling my sister and she said she had experienced the same thing. I think you just get used to your own ways of doing things once the kids leave.

So where am I now. Well my daughter has moved, she lives three miles down the road. On day of exchange on her apartment the buyer pulled out. She was devastated that she would lose the new property she was having built. Because her apartment had some good memories my hubby and I bought it off her to release the chain, to enable her to proceed. We have rented it out, this will top up our pensions in a few years time.

Life is good for all of us. I’m enjoying the new chapters. As they say, ‘As one door closes, another one opens.’ So to all you parents out there. Don’t stress about your kids leaving home, its a natural progression. Embrace it, take up a new hobby or do the things you never had chance too. You never know you might just surprise yourself, like me.